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​​       As a trial lawyer with over 30 years of real courtroom experience, Arnie has a keen understanding of what it takes to represent people confronted with allegations of serious criminal conduct. He has battled with prosecutors while defending clients in federal, state and municipal courts. This experience has allowed him to craft effective defenses in cases charging murder and other homicides, sexual assault, drug trafficking and improper use or possession of firearms to name a few. Arnie is available for representation throughout Vermont especially in the southern counties of Bennington, Rutland, Windham and Windsor.



       Arnie attended the University of Toledo College of Law where he obtained his juris doctorate degree. He was elected a member of the University of Toledo Law Review and was a published author in its prestigious journal.

      After graduation, Arnie created his own practice with an emphasis on courtroom litigation.  It was during these earlier years when he first recognized and confronted the enormous power of government's law enforcement. In order to be an effective advocate for his clients it was necessary to develop unique case strategies, tenaciously review evidence for important details, and fine-tune his trial skills.

       Arnie will take his experience, knowledge, passion, and reputation for hard work and apply them to your case.

Photograph of Arnie Gottlieb
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